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I _WANT_IO_LONG_LONG, or sometimes Newlib doesn’t want long long integer types

I ran into an issue when trying to finish some implementation work for a paper that I have due in less than a week. Effectively, I was just trying to printf some long long types, and they were getting butchered. I reduced a reproducer on my Cortex-M4 device to the following line:

printf("%llu %ld\n", 1llu, 2l);

What I expected to see:

1 2

What I saw:

0 1

Ok… that’s weird. I did a quick google search, and the summary is that if you’re using newlib nano, well, newlib doesn’t support long long types in printf and its ilk. Well, I’m not using newlib nano for this program. Thinking about it a bit harder, this really looks like printf is only reading 4 bytes for the %llu type. I finally decided to go read the source code in newlib for some clues.

Reading through the printf implementation eventually led me here:

#ifndef _NO_LONGLONG
			if (flags & QUADINT)
				*GET_ARG (N, ap, quad_ptr_t) = ret;

OK, so there’s a check for this _NO_LONGLONG define. Where can it get set? Oh, apparently in the same file:

#define _NO_LONGLONG
#if defined _WANT_IO_LONG_LONG \
	&& (defined __GNUC__ || __STDC_VERSION__ >= 199901L)
# undef _NO_LONGLONG

OK, so it’s looking to see if _WANT_IO_LONG_LONG is defined. Apparently this is a configuration option, specifically --enable-newlib-io-long-long. Rebuilding newlib with that option finally lets printf work as intended.

Reading through the repository now that I had a configuration flag handy, I was able to find it in the README, where it states that this flag is disabled by default, but some hosts enable it in their files. Just something to keep in mind, I guess, when using newlib.

For those Gentoo users like me, to build newlib with this option, add EXTRA_ECONF="--enable-newlib-io-long-long" to an /etc/portage/env/ file and have your cross-*/newlib of choice use it in /etc/portage/packages.env/ .

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